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SystemC Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Working Group


The SystemC AMS Working Group (AMSWG) is responsible for the standardization of the SystemC AMS extensions, defining and developing the language, methodology and class libraries for abstract modeling approaches for analog, mixed-signal and RF functions in SystemC.

Chair: Martin Barnasconi, NXP Semiconductors
Vice-Chair: Dr. Christoph Grimm, TU Kaiserslautern


This group is responsible for the standardization of the SystemC AMS extensions by defining and developing the language, methodology and class libraries for analog, mixed-signal and RF modeling in SystemC. These AMS extensions provide a uniform SystemC-based modeling language that can be used in combination with digitally-oriented ESL design methods, supporting a design refinement methodology for functional modeling, architecture exploration, and virtual prototyping of AMS systems. The SystemC AMS 2.0 standard was released in March 2013 and includes the requirements specifications, AMS language reference manual (LRM), and a user's guide. The standard introduces new execution semantics for efficient simulation of discrete and continuous time to support non-conservative and conservative behavioral modeling approaches.

Recent developments

Since the introduction of the SystemC AMS 1.0 standard, the working group has experienced a rapid adoption of the standard in industrial mixed-signal system-level design methodologies. The AMSWG focused on further advancing the SystemC AMS standard by defining new features as addressed in the SystemC AMS requirements specification. This resulted in the release of the SystemC AMS 2.0 standard, which includes new semantics and language constructs to support dynamic and reactive modeling concepts, addressing modeling accuracy, fidelity and speed.


In March 2010, the Open SystemC Initiative (now Accellera Systems Initiative) released the AMS 1.0 standard, the first modeling language targeting system-level design and verification to describe analog/mixed-signal behavior as natural extension to existing SystemC-based design methodologies. In March 2013, the update of the standard, SystemC AMS 2.0, was released, including features for dynamic and reactive modeling at high level of abstraction. The SystemC AMS 2.0 standard is available for download under SystemC open-source license here.

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If you are an employee of an Accellera Systems Initiative member company and would like to join this working group, click here (requires login) and click Join Group. Working group participation requires right of entry by the group chair.

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