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SystemC Language Working Group (LWG)


This group is responsible for the definition and development of the SystemC core language, the foundation on which all other SystemC libraries and functionality are built.

Chair: Philipp Hartmann, OFFIS
Vice-Chair: Andrew Goodrich, Forte Design Systems

Recent Activity

Version 2.3.0 of the SystemC open source proof-of-concept library is now available at no charge to the worldwide electronic design community. It is fully compatible with the IEEE 1666 "Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual," and provides a number of important new features, including support for transaction-level modeling (TLM), a critical approach to enable high level and more efficient design of complex ICs and SoCs in a single library.

New extensive process control features enable modeling of concepts such as power domains and abstract schedulers. A new first-class events list and a new container for SystemC objects simplify the description of generic and scalable models. In addition, an improved simulation API and a new thread safety mechanism will allow much better interaction with external tools and support for multi-threading.

Documentation has been reorganized for clarity, and there is a new document highlighting the features added for compatibility with the latest version of the SystemC standard. The library, installation notes and readme files have been updated to support installation on the latest operating systems and compilers. To ensure a high quality release, the library has been reviewed and tested by members of the SystemC Language Working Group, and feedback from the recently completed public review has been incorporated in the release.

To download this latest version, visit our SystemC downloads page.

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