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Transaction Level Protocols Proposed Working Group


The Accellera Technical Committee recently approved the formation of a Transaction Level Protocols Proposed Working Group (PWG) to study the validity and need for standardizing specific protocols using SystemC TLM 2.0.

Chair: Mark Burton, GreenSocs


If formed, the Transaction Level Protocols working group will standardize and promote specific protocols implemented in TLM 2.0. Providing these interfaces will improve efficiency of the SystemC ecosystem; organizations can leverage these interfaces vs. developing their own and the need for translating between different implementations of the same interface will be alleviated over time. This will include specific memory-mapped buses as well as other communication interfaces like serial buses. The working group will provide a focus for people looking for implementations of TLM protocols in SystemC.

The working group will focus on standardizing donated TLM protocols and ensuring that the Accellera standards (e.g. SystemC and TLM-2.0) are used and adhered to correctly, in order to allow broad adoption and proliferation. The working group will undertake standardizing the specific interfaces that Accellera owns (e.g. OCP) and those protocols that are provided to the group. The working group aims to ensure the correct use of the TLM-2.0 standards, not faithful adherence to the hardware protocol. The standards will be provided under the terms of the Apache license, and will carry no warranty.

Participating in this Proposed Working Group

The meeting organizers are seeking interest in and contributions to this effort from Accellera members and the SystemC Community. If you wish to participate, contact us to be added to the email list.