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Universal Verification Methodology

UVM - Universal Verification Methodology

Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is a standard to enable efficient development and reuse of verification environments and verification IP (VIP) throughout the electronics industry. Accellera provides both an API standard for UVM and a reference implementation. That reference implementation is a class library defined using the syntax and semantics of SystemVerilog (IEEE 1800).

  • Validated on multiple simulators
  • Scales from block to system level
  • Enhanced for multi-language verification
  • Standardized as UVM 1.2


Get Involved

UVM 1.2 Roundtable Discussion

This panel from DAC 2014 featured a UVM 1.2 Roundtable with John Aynsley, CTO of Doulos, who engaged panelists Rich Newton, Ericsson, Amol Bhinge, Freescale, Colin McKellar, Imagination, and Mohamed Elmalaki, Intel in a lively discussion on UVM usage, migration planning and potential future enhancements. Listen to the UVM 1.2 roundtable discussion >

UVM Tutorials

UVM News

UVM 1.2 is Here!

A new version of the class reference document UVM 1.2 for SoC verification is available. UVM 1.2 improves interoperability and reduces the cost of IP development and reuse for each new project. New features include enhanced messaging and improvements to the register layer. UVM 1.2 and its reference implementation are available for download. The implementation includes detailed release notes and script to help users upgrade, as some new features introduce backward incompatibility. UVM 1.2 is entering a review period ending October 1. Users are encouraged to participate using the UVM 1.2 Public Review Forum. UVM has an active user community. The LinkedIn group tops 5,000 members. A technical tutorial from the 2014 Design and Verification Conference is available. Taught by industry experts, the five-part tutorial includes an introduction to UVM 1.2 and in-depth user examples. >> read more

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