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Drafts Under Public Review

Prior to the release of a standard, drafts of specifications and related information may be available for download and public review. During a public review period, the community may submit comments for consideration by the appropriate technical working groups. The latest drafts under public review are below.

Note: Access to some SystemC documents are subject to the terms of the SystemC Open Source License. You must accept the SystemC License before accessing some documents. Click on the document link in the Filename column below to read and accept the license terms.


Download Drafts

Item Filename Details Size Date Modified
SystemC Synthesizable Subset Version 1.4 (Public review open until May 15 2015) SystemC_Synthesys_ Subset_Draft_1.4.pdf Status: Active public Review 1.014.860 Feb 11 2015
SystemC Verification Library 2.0 (Public review period has ended) scv-2.0-public_preview.tar.gz Status: Active; Maturity: Completed Public Review 3,111,319 May 2013
SystemC CCI Configuration Requirements Specification (public review period has ended) configuration_requirements-091218.pdf Status: Active; Maturity: Completed Public Review 268,628 2009-12-18
SystemC Synthesizable Subset Draft 1.3 (public review period has ended) SystemC_Synthesizable_
Status: Active; Maturity: Completed Public Review 1,206,700 2009-08-27


Note: Access to some drafts is restricted and subject to the terms of the SystemC Open Source License. If you would like to gain access, please accept the license agreement or apply for access as a member employee.