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Member Press Releases

Member Press Releases
European Project "VERDI" provides Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) in SystemC to Accellera Systems Initiative as new industry standard proposal 02 Jun 2014
Agnisys, Inc. joins Accellera Systems Initiative 06 Aug 2013
STMicroelectronics, ARM and Cadence Improve Tool and Model Interoperability with Three Joint Contributions to Accellera Systems Initiative 29 Jul 2013
Virtual Platform - Quick Start Package (VP-QSP) from CircuitSutra 01 May 2013
Mentor Graphics Verification Academy Launches Coverage Cookbook 19 Nov 2012
Synopsys Honors Accellera Systems Initiative with 2012 Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award 24 May 2012
Mentor Graphics Drives Broader Adoption of UVM 22 Feb 2012
ASTC joins Accellera Systems Initiative 28 Dec 2011
Forte Unveils Cynthesizer Ultra, Next-Generation High-level Synthesis 19 May 2010
Forte to Provide Continuous Demonstrations of SystemC High-Level Synthesis at SNUG San Jose Designer Community Expo 25 Mar 2010
Fraunhofer publishes first OSCI standards-compliant implementation for the SystemC AMS extensions 09 Mar 2010
Carbon Unveils New Generation of ARM Models with Availability of Mali Models 08 Mar 2010
Forte Design Systems Ships Latest Version of CellMath Designer 05 Mar 2010
Forte Becomes OSCI 2010 Global Event Sponsor; Will Co-Sponsor ESCUG, Exhibit at DATE 02 Mar 2010
Wind River to Add Virtutech Simics Products to Comprehensive Embedded Software Portfolio 05 Feb 2010
MegaChips Selects Forte Design Systems' High-Level Synthesis Software 26 Jan 2010
Carbon Design Systems Announces 28% Growth in 2009 13 Jan 2010
Carbon Design Systems to Focus on Deploying Virtual Systems Using ARM Processors, Fabric at 2010 EDS Fair 12 Jan 2010
CoWare Joins ARM Solution Center For Android 14 Dec 2009
CoWare and ARM Partner to Enable Rapid Configuration of AMBA NIC-301 Network Interconnect-based SoC Designs in SystemC 21 Oct 2009

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