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For release: 09 Mar 2010

Fraunhofer publishes first OSCI standards-compliant implementation for the SystemC AMS extensions

SystemC AMS implementation makes ESL design methodologies for mixed signal applications practical usable

DRESDEN, Germany - 9 March 2010 - DATE CONFERENCE - The Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits published today the first implementation of the AMS class libraries, which conforms to the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) SystemC AMS extensions 1.0 standard.

The SystemC AMS implementation features a set of AMS class libraries, introducing new modeling methods for AMS system-level design and verification. The implementation complies with the SystemC AMS 1.0 language standard, defined in the AMS Language Reference Manual. Fraunhofer is active member in the OSCI AMS Working Group and contributed to the development of this AMS 1.0 standard.

The implementation is published under an open-source license agreement (Apache 2.0). This agreement permits the usage in nonprofit as well as commercial products and is compatible with numerous other agreements. The AMS class library can be downloaded at

"OSCI welcomes the availability of a proof-of-concept implementation based on OSCI's AMS 1.0 Standard, enabling further adoption and growth of SystemC-centric design methodologies," said Mike Meredith, President of OSCI. "We are pleased that the unique capabilities of the AMS standard are now made available for the entire SystemC community to use."

With the release of this implementation, Fraunhofer enables dissemination of SystemC AMS as the first modeling language targeting SystemC-based design and verification for analog/mixed-signal applications. The implementation gives EDA vendors the possibility for a fast integration of the SystemC AMS language into their simulation framework.

"The reference implementation is a big step forward to bring the SystemC-AMS standardization closer to the EDA tooling landscape, which helps to cope with challenges of semiconductor design," said Wolfgang Scherr, Principal Engineer of Infineon Technologies.

The SystemC AMS implementation uses smart algorithms and models of computation, offering fast simulation of SystemC AMS descriptions together with SystemC descriptions e.g. including abstract TLM based models. The implementation can be compiled against an unchanged SystemC proof-of-concept implementation offered by OSCI.

The underlying technologies were developed in tight cooperation with several industrial partners over the last ten years.

Predecessors of this library are used by several companies since several years. Fraunhofer is confident that with the provided OSCI standards-compliant implementation, SystemC AMS is ready for immediate industrial usage.

"NXP is very pleased with this OSCI compliant SystemC AMS implementation, to create standards-oriented and customer-focused design methodologies," said Frank Bouwman, Manager Design Methodologies at NXP Semiconductors. "The SystemC AMS extensions are a key enabler for us to design competitive High Performance Mixed Signal products in an efficient and effective way."

Besides the development of the SystemC AMS implementation, Fraunhofer offers application-specific libraries and dedicated analog solvers e.g. for modeling nonlinear behaviour as part of their consultancy projects for industries such as Automotive and Semiconductors. They also support the integration of the SystemC AMS implementation into customer-specific tools and flows, enabling the adoption of these SystemC-based design methodologies.

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