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For release: 22 Feb 2010

Open SystemC Initiative Announces Public Review for Configuration Requirements of Configuration, Control & Inspection (CCI) Standardization Effort

"Configuration represents a first big step towards model-to-tool interoperability"

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Feb. 22, 2010 -- The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC(tm) as an industry-standard language for electronic system-level (ESL) design, today announced that requirements for the configuration portion of the SystemC Configuration, Control & Inspection (CCI) standardization effort are now available for public review. They are currently available for download under open-source license.

The public review period of the CCI Configuration Requirements Specification extends through April 2, 2010. The worldwide SystemC community of users, architects, ESL tool developers and IP providers are encouraged to participate and provide feedback using the CCI discussion forum.

OSCI's CCI Working Group is defining standards to improve interoperability between models and tools, streamlining the exchange of information between them. These standards will be developed incrementally with initial work on configuration, which is the focus of this requirements specification. The end result will be a standard way to instrument models improving efficiency of the entire SystemC-centric modeling ecosystem while ensuring optimal value for model users.

"The value of ESL models is greatly improved when they can readily and easily be configured, controlled and inspected," said OSCI CCI Working Group Chairman Trevor Wieman. "The CCI WG is excited to provide a configuration requirements specification for public review. This document describes a conceptual model for understanding the SystemC configuration challenge and key anticipated use cases in addition to specific requirements. Configuration represents a first big step towards model-to-tool interoperability and the CCI WG looks forward to SystemC community input to help set a direction for this important work."

About CCI Configuration Requirements
Today, each tool has its own preferred way for models to be instrumented. This requires model developers to provide different instrumentation for their customers using different tools, or for customers and their suppliers to work together to provide bridges for any incompatibilities between model instrumentation and tool support. This can result in delays in model availability and/or diminished value for the end user.

The goal of the public review of the Configuration Requirements Specification is to gather useful feedback to prepare for the creation of a draft standard to allow models to incorporate configuration parameters, allowing any tool to connect and perform configuration. Models will be portable across simulation environments and tools, while tools are able to add value on top of the basic mechanisms, such as the reading of configuration files, interactive configuration of models in a GUI, and structured display and inspection of current parameter values. None of this affects how models must be written -- as long as they follow the specification, tools will be able to effectively interact with them.

Configuration will be used to specify a system's initial setup, orchestrate run-time operation, control system analyses and many other purposes.

About SystemC and OSCI
The Open SystemC(tm) Initiative (OSCI) is an independent, not-for-profit association composed of a broad range of organizations dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC as an open industry standard for system-level modeling, design and verification. SystemC is a language built in C++ that spans from concept to implementation in hardware and software. For further information about SystemC and OSCI visit

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