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Increasing Productivity with SystemC in Complex System Design and Verification

Tutorial Screencast

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Trevor Wienman Trevor Wieman
CCI WG Chair, Intel
David Black David Black
Stuart Swan Stuart Swan
Shabtay Matalon Shabtay Matalon
Mentor Graphics
Jon McDonald Jon McDonald
Mentor Graphics
Nithya Ruff Nithya Ruff
 Charu Khosla Charu Khosla


Presented by experienced users and tool developers at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) 2013, this five-part video screencast delves into the interdisciplinary use of SystemC in building verification environments that provide early hardware access to software developers.

The tutorial is split into five parts:

  • Configuration, Control & Inspection Working Group Update
  • A SystemC Technology Demonstrator using the Xilinx Zynq™-7000
  • A Unified Design Flow for SystemC Virtual Platforms and High-Level Synthesis
  • From Virtual Prototyping to RTL Verification
  • Virtual Prototyping: You don't need a PHD to model in System C and TLM

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